The story of this experimental film is deeper to me than I thought it would be. I had to dig deep inside myself to find the courage to tell anyone about the idea. I had to ask for a friend to help me on this as I needed two characters to play the part. 

The main idea of this experimental film is about your inner self. I had been wanting to create a story about how I started loosing myself and becoming more introverted as I have been thrown into a new start with not a lot of introduction. I started feeling that I was loosing my inner self and I had to reconnect. 

The film is shown from my introverted self (the black character) of how I am trying to get back together with my inner child self (the pink character) but pushing the progress away because of fear. Every time the inner child comes close I shy away as if the world is trembling and the water rises. That is why there is element animation in the film. In the end I accept myself and reconnect with my inner child once more never to let it float away ever again.

You are welcome to see the film as a whole down below. I hope you enjoy My little story and find it as touching as I have.

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